Ch. Sirianni Tiarc First Noel SM
   Goodbye, sweet girl.  You came into our lives, gave us great joy and then left us all too soon.  We had lots of dreams still Noel.

   While our hearts still ache at her loss, our wonderful memories of this lovely lady are ever present.  To say she was special to us is an understatement.  We always said of Noel, “she is special, just ask her.” 
   She touched our hearts as few have, and her loss has left a huge hole here.  We have her daughter Nyala (Noel x Ramani) and the two babies, Dawn & Hunter (Noel x Paul) and though they have huge shoes to fill, I’m sure they will.  They are our ever-present link to Noel, and the joy she brought us every day.  We are very grateful for these daily reminders of their mom.  We see her in their faces and in their joy of life.
   Noel loved life, her babies, coursing, showing and the daily routine.  Here are some photos of Noel enjoying herself, as she always did, to the fullest.  She packed a lot of living into her short life – a message to us all to not let a day go by without enjoying the love all around us.
   Noel’s accomplishments were many.  She finished her AKC Championship at just under 18 months with a specialty WB, BOW and a Best in Sweepstakes.  She won an Award of Merit at the Del Valle Show under breeder judge Monica Stoner following the San Francisco Specialty 2003.  These are just a few of her ring successes.  While she loved chasing the lure, we never took her to a lure trial, much to our regret.  Noel loved her babies and was the best mom we’ve ever had.  Her love for her babies was strong right up until the time she left us.
   Noel did a lot of living in a short time.  How could so many special memories have been packed into a few short years?  One day the ache will lessen.  Noel will never truly leave us – how could one so special ever be forgotten?  Until we meet again Noel, you are still the special one …
More cherished photos of Noel